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Beside Still Waters Devotion in the Word and Prayer


Beside Still Waters Live Tonight

Beside Still Waters is an evening devotion with Marty Gabler,  livestreamed 
on Marty’s Facebook page each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:15pm Central Time.

Trusting God in all Circumstances

Long before David ever became king of Israel, he had a secret relationship with God.  There was relationship, communing between David and God, long before he wrote the beautiful Psalms which are part of our worship and meditations today. The Psalms were not the result of a weekend revival nor the result of a trip through a falling-down prayer line. They are the result of a life of worship and trusting God in all circumstances. ”I was once young, but now I’m old. Not once have I found a lover of God forsaken by him, nor have any of their children gone hungry.” (Ps.37:25, TPT)

The Next Step–Study the Bible

Declaration 1 (Part 2)— THIS IS THE YEAR TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP.  (d.) This is the year to study things in the Bible you have never studied before. Buy books and software.  e.) This is the year to take the necessary step in the direction of health and nutrition.  f.) This is the year to set aside a daily, designated time for prayer and devotion. Buy a daily journal.  g.) This is the year for some to take the step into leadership.  (Second segment from 2018 Declarations)